Welcome Message

Welcome to “VIVA Sportswear”!
This our first ever opportunity to speak to and welcome any and all who pushed a few buttons and ended up on our site.
We are here for only one purpose.  We would like to believe we are in business to meet needs and to fulfill whims and desires of those who, however, happen on and into our little world herein.
If you never heard of us it is because we are relatively new in commerce years. Those of you who are very quick on the uptake know that means  new…………like just out of the box.
Our desire is to present exclusive designed products that may be a little unusual and a bit upscale from the typical active and casual sportswear clothing site.
We currently have approximately 600 different selections spread out over 10 or so distinct products.
Enjoy and take all the time you feel you must.  We have no sales associates to cut your browsing time short and make it uncomfortable as well.
You can address any questions to our email info@vivasportswear.com.  If you see something that needs just a little tweaking to satisfy you be sure to use that same email.  Most of the products that you see can be presented in color schemes that are more appropriate for your needs. In addition we are more than happy to design a garment completely to your needs.  Our designer turn around time is usually 48 hrs, to put a proof into you hand for approval and or editing.
So once again welcome, enjoy your stay and thank you for coming!
The Staff @ VIVA